Why write about words? Because, as of late, I’ve been discovering lots of interesting little tid-bits behind some simple words. And truth be told, I have never once sat in silence and said to myself… “Hey, I should start a blog.” At least, I didn’t until I realized I had accumulated a repository of interesting things to share about words, and said to myself, “Where the heck could I put all this?”

Too boring for facebook, too long, usually, for twitter, and likely to be found disinteresting by anybody on any other social media platform, I decided “A Blog” would be a good place for some of these things I have rattling around in my head. Not likely to be found by anybody other than those looking, and not an overt bother to anybody on other platforms I may be using (except, of course, for a little bit of direction this way on those platforms…). So, this is “A Foot and a Half Too Long,” a place for musings about etymology, culture, politics, and the many intersections there between.

To be short: This is a place for words, mainly about other words. But, every once and a while, some other things too.



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May 2013
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