About Me

My name is Kyle Simerly. I am a University of California, Berkeley graduate, with a B bachelor of Arts in Political Science. I graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a Master of Science in Comparative Politics, with a focus on Democracy.

As one could probably guess from my degrees, politics is kind of my jam. But, most specifically, domestic United States’ and especially California’s politics.

You can find my résumé here.

But, politics, public policy, and policial science can’t take every waking moment, despite my passion for it. Here are some other things I like to spend my time on:

Obviously, from the posts in the blog, words, their definitions and roots, really capture my attention.

But honestly, if the point of language is to be understood, and I frequently find myself misunderstanding (or not understanding) people, and worried that I may be facilitating such misunderstanding for them as well, I feel like these exercises might be of worth.

Well, at the very least, the process, which you’ll become acquainted with in the blog, is one of the few things I really enjoy when trying to decipher a text that eludes me–which tends to be almost any and every text I read…

I also enjoy video games, browsing the internet, reading lots of different material, especially science fiction, graphic novels, comics, and dystopian novels. I really enjoy a good movie or TV Show too, especially the satirical comedy of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert–politics rears its head! In fact, any stand up comedy at all is usually high on my list.

I am also a football fiend, rooting for my San Francisco 49ers at every turn.

And I’ll never turn down the opportunity to throw a frisbee around, or join in a pick up game of ultimate frisbee, though I may find myself out of breath way too quickly to be anything but a liability for my team.

Welp, that’s some of who I am. Feel free to poke around the blog.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.


August 2022
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